Mennonite Banksy Strikes Again


Artwork attributed to the incognito graffiti artist known as the ‘Mennonite Banksy’ was discovered on the side of the South Leamington MBEM church this week. The unsolicited artwork was a huge picture of Banksy’s Oma Penner.

“We appreciate the man’s talent,” said church Elder Peter Unger. “But we’d prefer if he had asked permission first.”

The Mennonite Bansky has tagged churches across Southern Ontario, usually with cheeky and irreverent images, often incorporating Mennonite motifs with social commentary.

“A huge suggestively-shaped roll kuchen went up in Aylmer,” said Unger. “We’re pretty sure this Menno Banksy was also responsible for the picture of two elders passionately making out that we found on Mr. Klassen’s garage last summer.”

The identity of the Mennonite Banksy is not known, but rumours suggest he may be a disgruntled former Mennonite from somewhere near Lancaster.

“We’re pretty sure he’s a Yoder,” said Unger. “Once we catch him, he’ll receive a shunning like he’s never seen before.”

A picture of Elder Unger in a compromising and embarrassing position appeared on a Main Street Leamington building later in the day.

(photo credit: by Hernan Piñera/CC)

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