Plane to Taxi All the Way from Toronto to Calgary


A routine flight from Toronto to Calgary entered the 401 highway this morning and is now taxiing all the way to Calgary.

“We boarded the plane at 1 o’clock and I decided to take a little snooze,” said passenger Jeremy Robertson. “By the time I woke up 45 minutes later we were still on the tarmac.”

The plane wandered about the tarmac for another hour or so before the pilot decided, “screw it,” and took the plane onto the freeway.

“We’re somewhere north of Sudbury now,” said Pilot Amy Kliewer. “It’ll take us a few days, but I’m certain we’ll get their faster than flying.”

Kliewer says she’s had a few bird strikes in her day, but this is the first time she’s had to worry about moose.

“I’m mostly worried about that drive through Manitoba,” said Kliewer. “I hear it’s rough. A lot of turbulence on those roads.”

The flight is expected to taxi into the Calgary airport sometime early next week.

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