McDonalds Takes McRib Off the Menu Just Long Enough for People to Forget How Terrible It Is


Millions of Canadians have lined up outside of McDonalds restaurants this winter for the return of a sandwich they’ve been told is not nearly as bad as they remember.

“Yikes, I lined up for this thing?” said Dale Hiebert of Aylmer, biting into the strange dry rubbery patty with little resemblance in taste or texture to, you know, actual ribs. “Funny. I seem to recall this thing being a whole lot better.”

Hiebert is not alone in his disappointment.

“That’s part of our strategy actually,” said restaurant manager Susan Martens. “After ten years, no one will remember how terrible this thing truly is.”

Reports suggest McDonalds is also hoping to rekindle interest in the equally repugnant Filet O’Fish by taking it off the menu for a while, too.

“Might take twenty years to erase people’s unpleasant memories of that one,” said Martens. “But I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.”

(photo credit: Krista/CC)

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