Stick Holding Debit Machine at Drivethru Falls Just Short of Actually Reaching Car


The long rod that holds the debit machine was not quite long enough to reach Mrs. Plett’s car this afternoon, forcing the frustrated fast food lover to pull over and come inside to pay.

“Oba, waut de kuckuck! Get a longer stick, or at least design these drivethrus so we can get closer to the building!” yelled Plett, visibly upset at the inconvenience. “Ugh, sometimes I just don’t understand the kids these days.”

The local Tim Hortons is working on a longer stick that can reach all the way into the customer’s car, but some are worried it’s too little too late.

“Where was this long stick all those years when I had to rutsche myself practically through the window to pay,” said Plett. “No, I’m afraid all this talk of longer sticks is just not doing it for me.”

Plett says she plans to make her husband Harold drive from now on as he has longer arms, but says she’ll do her best to keep him from stealing all her Timbits.

(photo credit:Justin Baeder/CC)

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