Royal Watchers Accidentally Show Up at William Prince Concert


The last time retired couple Tina and Jake Neufeld of Steinbach encountered royalty was more than fifty years ago when the Queen paid a visit to their hometown of Steinbach. Now in their 70s, the Neufelds were looking forward to driving into the city and attending an event by none other than Prince William himself.

“Oba, Jake, if you’re going to meet a prince, you better put on your good Sunday slacks,” said Tina, doing some last minute ironing before the event. “I sure hope we can catch a glimpse of Princess Kate, too.”

The Neufelds were among several thousand lucky guests at the Centennial Concert Hall this weekend, but seemed to be the only ones who didn’t sing along to ‘When You Miss Someone’ or ‘Breathless.’

“I had no idea the prince could play the guitar like that,” exclaimed Tina. “Oh and that voice! Incredible.”

Before the concert was over, the Neufelds managed to snag a few William Prince hoodies and a couple LPs. They were officially fans.

“This was even better than the Queen’s visit,” said Jake. “Although I must say she sang ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ beautifully.”

The Neufelds returned to their retirement home in Steinbach where they plan to regale their grandchildren with tales of the royal visit of 2024.

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