Manitoba Man Intends to Snowmobile Well Into June This Year


Local man Al Kehler, 61, is excited for the 2022 snowmobile season and is full expecting the trails to be groomed and perfect for sledding until at least mid-June.

“Ahh, finally a good year for sledding,” said Kehler. “I honestly think this might be the first time I’ll be able to sled on the May long weekend.”

Kehler plans to take his snowmobile to the Blue Bombers home opener this year and also to the Morden Corn and Apple festival.

“It’s going to be great sledding up to those self-serve corn stands,” said Kehler. “Oh and you can catch me sledding up and down Main Street at Steinbach’s Summer in the City!”

After a few years of low snowfall, Kehler said he and his buddies had it coming.

“In Manitoba, snowmobiling is a summer sport,” said Kehler. “I just hope the mosquitos don’t get too bad this year.”

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