‘Knipsbrat and Chill???’: Mennonite Woman Receives Late Night Text


Helen Poetker, 47, of Yarrow, BC received an unusual text from her on-again off-again boyfriend Heinrich this past week. The text, which was sent sometime after 1 in the morning said, “Been a long time since I’ve seen U! Knipsbrat and chill???????????????”

“Quite frankly, it struck me as a little desperate,” said Ms. Poetker. “But, hey, I’m always up for a little knipsbrat, especially with Heinrich. He’s right, it has been quite a while.”

Poetker texted him back with a flirty little message, “Sounds good, Heinrich, but you bring the knipsers…and the vodka coolers.”

“I had just finished my devotions and was settling into bed when I got the text, but I’d never turn down a lat night game of knipsbrat,” said Poetker. “Especially if I get to knips first.”

The last time the couple got together was a month ago for a midnight Dutch Blitz match.

“I’m hoping Knipsbrat and chill is a little better than Dutch Blitz and chill,” said Poetker. “Last time I totally misread the signals. I mean…we actually played Dutch Blitz.”

Heinrich arrived fifteen minutes later, but was sent out again when he’d neglected to bring the vodka coolers.

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