Shocking Details Revealed in Margins of Mennonite Woman’s Cookbook


Mrs. Kehler had the great misfortune of leaving her Mennonite Treasury Cookbook sitting out on the counter when she lay down for a nice afternoon nap this past Sunday. Soon photos of her cookbook and the juicy details in the margins, were floating around Facebook.

“Nah, so she doesn’t think too highly of Mrs. Brandt’s summa borscht on page 18, eh?” said Mrs. Klassen. “That figures. Mrs. Kehler never had the stamina to make a good summa borscht.”

There was also considerable discussion on Facebook about the various plumi moos recipes on page 21.

“Wow, so Mrs. Brandt seems to have tried them all. It seems her Abe prefers the Olfert recipe,” said Mrs. Klassen. “Well, my Abe likes the Warkentin version better!”

Mrs. Kehler woke up an hour later and found all her precious margin notes splashed all over Facebook. It was the greatest scandal the small Mennonite town of Bow Island, Alberta had ever seen.

“And Instagram, too, yet! Oba nay!” said Mrs. Kehler. “Well, I’ve learned my lesson. You never leave your cookbook lying around. It’s like leaving open your diary.”

After the sordid affair, Mrs. Kehler gave her children explicit instructions to burn all her other recipes book when she passes away.

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