‘Hatchimal’ Shortage Doesn’t Faze Resourceful Mennonite Mom


This year’s hottest Christmas toy, the ‘Hatchimal’, features a big plastic egg that, with care and attention, hatches open and reveals a plush animal. The toy has become so popular that many stores are sold out and some people have taken to re-selling their Hatchimals for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Local mom Carol Thiessen has come up with a solution to address this Hatchimal shortage.

“Believe me, my kids are getting Hatchimals this year. Here, look at this,” Thiessen said, revealing an uncooked farm fresh egg. “I found a huge stash of these Hatchimals at the local Superstore. They were $3 a dozen. I can’t believe they were giving them away so cheap!”

Thiessen explained that there is a long-standing Mennonite tradition of gifting home-made versions of popular toys such as Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle-Me-Elmo, and Furbys.

“The Thiessen kids always get the hottest toys!” said the mother of four. “Why pay retail when you can make exactly the same thing with a little bit of gumption and a sprinkle of know-how.”

Thiessen is proud of her home-made Hatchimal and plans to make a bunch of them for the church arts and crafts sale.

“I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces as they crack open these Hatchimals,” said Thiessen. “Let me assure you, they will not be disappointed!”

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