Child Confuses Amazon Driver for Santa Claus


Little Timmy Plett of Rosthern has been losing sleep in anticipation of the upcoming gift-giving season. In fact, when the Amazon truck pulled up the Plett yard last night, Timmy ran out in his pajamas to greet “Santa.”

“Oh, Santa, Santa, what did you bring me!” yelled Timmy. “Oh, Santa, this is going to be the best Christmas ever!”

The bewildered Amazon driver handed Timmy the cardboard box and gave him on a pat on the head.

“Ummm, okay, so, uhhhh, what did you say your name was again? Timmy?” stammered the Amazon driver. “So, have you been, umm, good this year or something?”

Timmy beamed from ear to ear.

“Oh, yes, yes, Santa, I’ve been very good,” said Timmy, ripping open the Amazon package, before stopping himself. “Oh Santa, can I meet Rudolph?”

Not wanting to shatter the young lad’s conception of Christmas, the Amazon driver rushed back to his truck, saying he was in a hurry and, with a rather half-hearted, “ho ho ho, Merry Christmas,” he was off to the Klassens to drop off a cardboard box and receive his cookies and milk.

The children of Rosthern are apparently very confused that Santa Claus is not nearly as portly or hirsute as all the movies suggest.

(photo credit: Pete/CC)

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