After Last Night Hanover Municipality Renamed ‘Hangover’


After a night in which dozens of Mennonite in the Hanover area drank copious amounts of Papsi and water, area residents have voted to rename the area ‘Hangover.’

“Ugh, after three Papsis and a few glasses of water, I could hardly wake up this morning,” said Mrs. Martens. “I was so wasted, I even had to call in sick. Ugh.”

Hangover Muncipality was mistakenly thought to be dry, until it was recently revealed that no such law had ever been passed. In order to celebrate the new “wet municipality” status, residents have been downing cola like there’s no tomorrow.

“Normally I’m a Diet Papsi gal,” said Miss Unger, “but tonight I figured, what the heck, yet, let’s try a regular Papsi. It was fun while it lasted, but I regretted it in the morning.”

More than a thousand Hangover residents reported Papsi-releated headaches this morning.

(photo credit: Bill Wilson/CC)

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