City Man Invites Two Mennonites On Fishing Trip So He Can Drink All the Beer Himself


On his way up to Lac La Ronge this weekend, Saskatoon resident Dallas Clark picked up a two-four of Pilsner at the cold beer vendor and a couple Walls in Rosthern.

“Diane doesn’t like it if I fish or drink alone,” said Clark, “so I figured I’d invited the Wall boys along this weekend.”

Clark had learned this strategy from one his buddies at the accounting firm in downtown Saskatoon.

“Everyone knows. You invite one Menno along and he’ll drink all your beer,” said Clark. “You invite two along and they’ll both pretend they never touch this stuff.”

Just as Clark predicted, the Walls hauled in their limit of yellow perch and lake trout, but didn’t even reach for a Great Western Radler.

“It was the best fishing weekend I’ve ever had!” said Clark. “Didn’t run out of beer, that’s for sure!”

The trip was so successful that the Wall boys have fishing invitations for every weekend this summer.

(photo credit: Javcon117*/CC)

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