Steinbach Water Tower to be Filled With Champagne for New Year’s Eve


Once the most prominent structure on the Steinbach skyline, in recent years the water tower has been surpassed in prominence by the SCU building, the curling rink, and numerous ever-expanding churches. In an effort to regain it’s prominence, city employees are working overtime today to drain the tower of drinking water and replace it with 450,000 gallons of vintage Dom Perignon.

“We’re not going to cheap out this time,” said a Steinbach recreational co-ordinator. “Only the best bubbly for Steinbach!”

By about 8 pm tonight, Steinbachers will be able to fill champagne flutes directly from their household taps, although with only about half a million gallons, the supply may be gone fast.

“We’re hoping people will refrain from showering until at least Tuesday,” said the rep. “We also want people to know that the champagne is for Steinbachers only. We don’t want folks coming from Mitchell and the rest of Hanover and trying to drain our supply.”

The event is hoped to put a final nail in the coffin of the common perception that Steinbach is a dry town.

“It’s going to be the greatest winter party Steinbach’s ever had. I just hope this doesn’t keep anyone from showing up to church Sunday morning.”

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