Fraser Valley Mennonites Survive Winter on Nothing but Raspberry Preserves


Mennonite across the Fraser Valley have made it through yet another winter thanks to their bountiful supply of raspberry and strawberry preserves.

“Thank the Lord that my grandma taught me canning,” said local woman Alexis Friesen, 31. “When I hear the jar lid pop, I know that the goodness is sealed inside.”

Mennonites in the region have survived winter eating nothing but berries for centuries.

“The local grocery stores really suffer during the winter months because all the Mennos around here are just gorging on their plentiful jams and jellies,” said Friesen. “I feel bad for them, but what can I say. These are some darn fine raspberries.”

Now that spring has come, Fraser Valley Mennonites will be able to expand their palates to include wild mushrooms and Uncle Peter’s blue cheese.

“By this time of year, I’m aching to eat something other than raspberry jam,” said Friesen. “As the Bible says, man cannot live on raspberry preserves alone….or something like that.”

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