Chilliwack Couple Retires to Yarrow


Wanting to enjoy a more temperate climate, Mr. Thiessen, 78, and Mrs. Thiessen, 79 have decided to pack up their things and move two blocks over to Yarrow.

“We’ve heard so many good things about Yarrow. The weather. The Plautdietsch. That organic bakery on the central road,” said Mrs. Thiessen. “It’s a retiree’s dream!”

Typical of Mennonites of a certain age, the Thiessens are looking to move west or, perhaps, south, for their retirement and Yarrow is both slightly west and south of Chilliwack.

“We considered Abbotsford, but there’s only so much Plautdietsch a man my age can take,” said Mr. Thiessen. “If I wanted to speak Low German every other word, I’d retire in Winkler.”

Luckily for the Thiessens, they were able to sell their Chilliwack home real quick to a newly retired couple from Manitoba who were eager to move out west.

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