Grandma Wiens is About to Try this Mysterious New Substance


For the very first time in her life, Mrs. Wiens is about to try out this mysterious slightly yellowy liquid she’s never seen before in her life. She was offered this yellowy water by her grand-daughter Melissa, who figured it was about time Grandma gave it a try.

“I have no idea what this stuff is, but YOLO, right? Isn’t that what all the kids say these days?” said Grandma Wiens, hoisting her glass. “Down the hatch!”

As the liquid slid down her gullet, her adult grandchildren watched with eager anticipation.

“This is just like that time with cousin Petey behind the barn!” said Melissa. “I sure hope she handles it better than he did. Oba, that was quite the mess to clean up!”

At first things went okay and a slight smile arose on Grandma’s face, but this soon was replaced with the most terrifying fe’schlucke the Pembina Valley has ever seen.

“Nah, Mejal, just what on earth is this here!” yelled Grandma Wiens, tossing aside the glass and spraying the wall with whatever was left in her mouth.

Over all, Grandma Wiens was not impressed at all with the experience, saying her grand-daughter had greatly misinterpreted her taste in beverages.

“This must be that stuff our schekjbenjels drink!” proclaimed Grandma. “Whatever it is, it’s simply not fit for human consumption!”

Melissa figured maybe her Grandma was a IPA Girl and she probably shouldn’t have started her off on Bud Light.

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