Canadian Prime Minister Declines Offer to Have Sex with Protestor


A memo released by the PMO this week has finally provided a response to the hundreds of offers for intimate relations with the Prime Minister of Canada that have arisen over the past few years.

“Your voice has been heard,” said the memo. “And as flattering as it is, I must say, ‘thanks, but no thanks. I’m a happily married man.'”

The memo is intended to reduce the number of “F_ck Trudeau” flags that have popped up all over the country.

“Darn, I thought for sure he’d be into me,” said one area redneck. “I went to all the effort of hand-crafting this sign myself. Maybe I’m not making myself clear enough.”

Another man, evidently enamoured with the Prime Minister, says he’s now questioning his strategy.

“I guess driving up and down gravel roads in rural Manitoba is not the answer,” said Pete, chairman of the ‘F_ck Trudeau’ fan club. “I suppose I’ll just look him up on Tinder.”

Pete says if he can’t successfully seduce the Prime Minister, he’s going to go down to the States and make the same generous offer to President Joe Biden.

(photo credit: Joe/CC)

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