Green Party Photoshops Yerba Mate into Elizabeth May’s Hand


The Green Party admitted in a press conference this week to having altered a photo of leader Elizabeth May to make it look like she was consuming yerba mate from a gourd. The photoshopping skills were so excellent that the alteration went unnoticed for weeks.

“We figured we’d kill two birds with one stone, not that we advocate killing birds,” said Ms. May. “But we thought the metal straw would get us the environmentalist vote and the yerba would get us the Mennonites.”

Mennonites brought the practice of yerba tea drinking from South America and many are still seen sitting in lawn chairs wearing suspenders and sipping the beverage on a hot summer day.

“I took a trip through Abbotsford last month and I saw all these Mennonites with their yarba,” said May. “I told my marketing people – now there’s an untapped market!”

It’s not sure how the photoshop was discovered, but it’s been seen as blemish on the party’s otherwise stellar reputation.

“I realize now that I shouldn’t have hired Kjnels Wiebe to do the photoshopping,” said May. “Next time we’ll hire professionals.”

In other news the Liberal Party has just released a photoshopped photo of young Trudeau without offensive makeup and the Conservatives have released a similarly suspicious image of Andrew Scheer with an insurance broker license.

(May photo credit: Laurel L. Russwurm/CC /modified)

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