Thousands of Nerds Line-up at Comic-Con to Meet Normal Mennonite Mom


Thousands of area geeks and/or nerds were super excited this past weekend to finally get their chance to meet Normal Mennonite Mom.

“I’ve been lining up since 5 this morning to meet Normal Mennonite Mom,” said Comic-con attendee Megan, dressed head-to-toe in a cat outfit. “I don’t care if she charges $50 for an autograph .. I’ve got to have it!”

Normal Mennonite Mom was among the headline guests at Comic-con this year together with one of the Ewoks and the guy who did the voice for Super Mario.

“But the longest lineups, without a doubt, are for Normal Mennonite Mom,” said event organizer Darren Brydon-McGiesbrecht, who says he prefers to be called a nerd rather than a geek. “Normal Mennonite Mom has got quite the cult following.”

Normal Mennonite Mom appeared at the conference from 10 am to 2 pm, and even stayed a little longer to meet all her adoring fans.

“It’s strange. I can walk down Henderson Highway and no one even notices me, but here, among these people — my people– I finally really feel appreciated, you know?” said Normal Mennonite Mom. “I just wish my sidekick Normal Mennonite Dad could have been here.”

Normal Mennonite Dad was apparently way too busy puttering around the yard to show up at the festival.

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