Dozens of MPs Come Forward During House of Commons Altar Call


Not wanting to miss an opportunity to spread the Good News, back bench opposition MP Pete Friesen of Saskatchewan stood up during Question Period this past week and invited everyone to come forward and confess their sins.

“They call this Question Period. Well here’s a question for you,” began MP Friesen, “do you know where you will go when you die?”

Friesen then cued fellow MP Sally Peters to quietly hum ‘Just as I Am’ while Friesen asked all those present to close their eyes.

“Is there anyone out there who wants to change their life here and now? With all eyes closed and every head bowed, I’m asking you to raise your hand,” said Friesen. “I’m thinking of someone in the NDP or Liberal Party in particular.”

After the moving speech, more than three dozen MPs came forward to turn from their evil ways and dedicate themselves to the Lord.

“I know some people will say this isn’t the appropriate venue for an altar call,” said Friesen in a press conference after the service, “but I don’t care. Just look at the results. With all these new believing MPs, I’m sure we’ll reduce taxes just as the Lord commands.”

Reports were conflicted as to whether the Prime Minister himself responded to Friesen’s altar call.

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