Thousands of Poultry Farmers Accidentally Show Up at ‘National Poetry Month’ Event


A misheard radio announcement about National Poetry Month had thousands of chicken and turkey farmers across the RM of Hanover unintentionally showing up to hear poet Sarah Ens read from her latest publication Flyway.

“Oba, National Poultry Month? Better hop in the F-150 and head over to that coffee shop there in Winnipeg yet,” said chicken farmer Leroy Falk of Grunthal. “I sure wouldn’t want to miss this event. It’s nice to see young women like Sarah take an interest in chicken farming.”

The coffee shop was packed full of farmers who were initially a little baffled by the proceedings.

“There was absolutely no discussion about breeder and broiler equipment,” said Falk, “and not much was said about manure conveyors, either.”

Still, it didn’t take long for Ens to win over Falk and his friends.

“Even the chicken catchers and shekjbenjels were mesmerized,” said Falk. “I guess that’s just the power of poultry for you … I mean the power of poetry.”

(photo credit: DSC03238b/CC)

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