Anabaptist Woman Seen With Two Men a Night


Rumours about Mrs. Yoder spread like wildfire after she was seen playing Scrabble with Mr. Shenk at 6:15 and had moved on to challenge Mr. Zehr by a little after 8:00.

“She’s a two-men-a-night Mennonite,” said her friend Doris. “I never thought I’d see the day, but here we are. It’s really sad.”

Mrs. Yoder quickly disposed of Mr. Shenk with a triple-word score and Mr. Zehr was waiting in the wings to challenge Mrs. Yoder to a match.

“I had to look away. It’s embarrassing,” said Doris. “She was never like this when we were younger, but now she plays Scrabble with all comers it seems. ”

Mrs. Yoder says since her Jakob died, she’s been looking for a decent Scrabble partner, and is just playing the field to see what’s out there.

“I know people around here are prudish about this sort of thing, but I’ll try three or even four men a night if need be,” said Yoder. “The church ladies can mind their own business.”

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