Abbotsford Man Subsists Entirely on Rempel’s Farmer Sausage Soup


For more than 17 years, local man Earl Penner has eaten nothing but Rempel’s Farmer Sausage Soup at Ricky’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

“Ever since my Martha passed away, I’ve been coming here to eat,” said Penner. “Really there’s nothing else that satisfies my hankerings.”

Penner said he tried canned tomato soup for a while, but it just didn’t cut it.

“There’s just something about farmer sausage soup that just does it for me,” said Penner. “It’s not even in the Mennonite Treasury cookbook, but still …”

Penner plans to consume the soup every day from now until the Rapture … or at least until the Canucks win the Stanley Cup.

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