Full Grown Man Still Eats Sugary Children’s Cereal


Despite the protests of his loving wife Doris, Mr. Eby, 43, of Waterloo downs three bowls of sugary children’s cereal every morning at breakfast.

“Count Chocula! Froot Loops! Lucky Charms! You name it, I eat it!” exclaimed an overly enthusiastic Mr. Eby. “I even got that Cap’n Crunch stuff where it’s just the fruit pebbles and none of the healthy stuff. Epic!”

Mrs. Eby had tried to get some granola into her husband’s system, but has given up.

“That man is a stubborn as an ass when it comes to his breakfast choices!” said Mrs. Eby. “If it’s designed for anyone over the age of six, he refuses to go near it!”

Mr. Eby has also recently started adding chocolate milk in with the kid’s cereal.

“Plus, I love doing the games and puzzles on the back of the box!” said Mr. Eby. “You’ve gotta keep your mind sharp, you know!”

The Eby’s marriage has been on the rocks, lately, however, after Mrs. Eby stocked nothing but cream of wheat for an entire month.

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