Abbotsford Music Fans Demand Brian Doerksen Open for Taylor Swift


A petition had been circulating in local MB church lobbies this week to have the Fraser Valley’s most popular worship leader Brian Doerksen open up for Taylor Swift in Vancouver next year.

“Can you imagine ‘Refiner’s Fire’ right before ‘Anti-Hero’?” said diehard Doerksenie Anne Peters. “Now that’s a concert worth mortgaging your house for.”

The petition also demands that Brian Doerksen be decked out in pink tights and gold sequins.

“I’m hoping we can make this co-headlining show happen,” said Peters. “I just hope they’ll agree to the demands in Brian Doerksen’s rider, which I think includes a basket of fresh roll kuchen in the dressing room.”

Some, however, are concerned about the plan.

“Are you really sure BC Place can accommodate that audience?” wondered Mrs. Braun. “Plus, it’s going to be hard to convince all those Swifties to be there at 10:30 on a Sunday morning.”

Local Swifties, however, have apparently approved of the plan, saying they could think of no more fitting song than ‘Come Now is the Time to Worship’ right before Taylor Swift appears.

(T. Swift photo credit: Eva Rinaldi/CC)

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