YouTuber Spends Entire Video Asking People to Like and Subscribe


Popular YouTuber Pastor Bob of Pastor Bob’s Gospel Hoedown channel spent an entire thirty minute video this past week reminding people to “like and subscribe.”

“If you could smash that like and subscribe button that would be great,” said Pastor Bob. “And please hit the bell icon so you will be notified when I upload new videos asking you to like and subscribe.”

Pastor Bob then briefly interrupted his plea for likes and subscribes to tell folks to like and subscribe before returning to his regular programming of asking people to like and subscribe.

“If you enjoy content like this please hit that like and subscribe button. It really helps me out,” said Pastor Bob. “Less than 50% of the people watching this video have liked and/or subscribed and it would really help me make more videos asking people to like and subscribe if you liked and subscribed this one.”

Pastor Bob’s YouTube channel is among the most popular in the Like and Subscribe category and he’s really hoping he can monetize his like and subscribe content very soon, just as long as he doesn’t use any copyrighted music.

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