Facebook Rolls Out New ‘Disapproving Mennonite Grandma’ Reaction Button


After finding the new ‘hug’ reaction to be a little too intimate for their liking, Mennonites demanded a reaction button that was more suited to their general inclinations. In response to their demands, Facebook has finally introduced the new ‘Disapproving Mennonite Grandma’ button that everyone’s been hoping for!

“Oba, finally a reaction button for me!” said Mrs. Wiebe, scrolling her feed and scoffing. “I disapprove of almost everything I see posted on Facebook! Let me tell you, this new button is going to get a lot of use in the Wiebe household!”

The ‘Scolding Grandma’ reaction button was reportedly clicked more than three million times the first day alone and almost all of those reactions were to the low cut on Mrs. Doerksen’s top.

“I also didn’t like seeing my grandson Jason playing pool. Who knows what was in the those red plastic cups! That got a Scolding Grandma from me!” said Mrs. Wiebe. “I also gave a Scold to my granddaughter Jessica for her repeated use of the word ‘darn.'”

Normally Mrs. Wiebe has no recourse but to softly mutter to her husband Earl about all the shocking things she sees on Facebook, so the new button has really been liberating for her.

“I scolded the heck out of Mrs. Dueck’s pie crusts. I sure wouldn’t be posting my crusts on Facebook if they looked like that,” said Mrs. Wiebe. “Actually I’ve been doing a lot of crust-scolding in the last few days.”

The new button is officially known as the ‘Disapproving Mennonite Grandma’, though most people are just calling it the ‘Nah, mejal‘ button.

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