‘Wurst’ Turns Out to Be the ‘Best’


They’ve been making the wurst in southern Manitoba for decades and one wurst maker has finally created the best.

“You won’t find a better wurst in all of Winkler,” said local butcher Mr. Siemens. “Some just make the wurst, but around here we try for the bast.”

Siemens says the key to the bast wurst is to make sure to give your wurst your very bast.

“Grind da bast pork,” explains Siemens, “and stuff it in da bast casings and dan for sure you smoke it for a while and dan it’s really da bast wurst.”

Other wurst makers have had to contend with being less than the bast.

“There’s only one bast wurst,” said Siemens. “I feel bad for the second wurst or even da turd wurst. I’m not even going to try that one.”

Siemens says he’s been the bast wurst in Winkler for quite some time but admits it’ll be a while before he beats the bast wurst in Altona.

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