Oilers Hoist Stanley Cup


Area woman Cathy Kornelsen of La Crete, Alberta travelled all the way to Edmonton this week to present Edmonton Oilers team captain Connor McDavid with the most prized Stanley cup in her collection.

“It’s a pink Stanley,” said Kornelsen. “You know what these things are going for on eBay?”

McDavid was ecstatic at the gift, saying he doesn’t know if he really needs to accomplish anything more in his career.

“Once you’ve kept your tap water cool all day in a cup like this, what more does a guy want in life,” said McDavid. “You know, I think the Panthers are going to be pretty jealous of my Stanley cup.”

Kornelsen said she doesn’t have enough pink Stanleys for the whole team, but McDavid says he’s okay with that.

“We’ll let each player have it for a week this summer,” said McDavid. “Bring it to their home town, have a parade with it, that sort of thing.”

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is very disappointed to see a Canadian team with a Stanley cup and says he’ll do his best to make sure this doesn’t happen again for a least another 30 years.

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