Monsieur Hebert is Sick and Tired of Being Called “Mr. Hiebert”


Every time he goes into Steinbach to get his curbside pickup at the Superstore or goes to deposit a cheque at the credit union, Monsieur Hebert has to put up with a gauntlet of baffled Steinbachers who just can’t figure out how to say his last name.

“Excuse me, Mr. Hiebert, I was just….”

“It’s Hebert,” said Mr. Hebert. “Hebert, get it? Not Hiebert. Not Hibbert or Hubert H. Humphrey. It’s Hebert!”

Still not getting it, the Steinbach clerk went to get her manager.

“What seems to be problem, Mr. Hiebert?”

Tabarnack! Get it right! It’s Hebert!”

“Yeah, I understand, Mr. Hiebert, but what’s the problem?”

Frustrated, Mr. Hebert vowed to take his business to the Caisse Populaire where they knew how to say his name properly.

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