World’s “Most Powerful Nation” Loses Yet Another War


After the Taliban retook Afghanistan in a record-setting fifteen minutes, the glorious nation of the United States of America has once again lost another war they shouldn’t have been waging in the first place.

“Hey, but umm we won the most medals at the Olympics this year, didn’t we?” said President Joe Biden. “You can’t expect us to defeat the enemy after just twenty years in the country.”

With the embarrassing defeat in Afghanistan, the US has just surpassed France for the most wars lost of any country on earth. Hearing that the USA was now topping France on the loser nations list, Biden was quick to make excuses.

“You’re not factoring in the population differences,” said Biden. “I’m pretty sure France is still worse than us at most wars lost per capita.”

Meanwhile Switzerland is still atop the list of wars not entered and every country on earth is thinking maybe, just maybe, that might be the route to take from now on.

(photo credit: ResoluteSupportMedia/CC)

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