Mennonite Man Still Trying to Figure Out How to Change the Time on His VCR


Mr. James Stobbe of Niagara-on-the-Lake began his quest to change the time on his VCR back in 1987 and 35 years later he still has not quite figured it out.

“Ugh, I remember when Diane and I purchased this VCR. We we all excited. We rented Splash. We had the popcorn. Everything was going well,” explained Stobbe. “Expect it just so happened it was time change weekend and I’ve been working on that ever since.”

For about half the year, the VCR displays the correct time, but that doesn’t stop Stobbe from pushing buttons on the darn thing trying to get it to change.

“Mennonites and technology – it’s not a good combination,” said Stobbe. “Sometimes Diane tries to get me to take a break and have a meddachschlop or go to church or something, but I’m determined. I know I’ll figure it out someday.”

In the past three decades, Stobbe has not once left the living room, which means by now he has quite the aroma, not to mention the fact he has Splash memorized by heart.

“Someday when the roll is called up yonder I think I’ll ask the Lord about this,” said Stobbe. “What is the meaning of life? Why is there pain and suffering in the world? How do you set the time on a 1986 Panasonic?”

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