Mennonite Father Tortures Family By Taking a Ride to the Country to the Look at the Crops


Mr. Earl Fehr of Regina loaded up the minivan and took the family on a six-hour long drive through the countryside to look at some fields this weekend.

“Hey, look, kids! Bales!” yelled an excited Mr. Fehr. “And, hey, would have you have a look at how tall that corn is!”

The Fehrs drove mile after mile down gravel roads and Mr. Fehr would not accept any grumbling from the back seat.

“Who needs an XBox when you’ve got miles and miles of flax to look at!” said Mr. Fehr. “Ahh, this is the life!”

Mr. Fehr promised the kids that they’d all go for ice cream if they kept quiet and didn’t complain the entire time.

“But it was too much,” said little Jessica, age 9. “Once you’ve seen one field of canola, you’ve seen them all.”

The kids eagerly forfeited a stop at the Dairy Queen in exchange for going home right away where the Disney Plus channel awaits.

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