Uncouth Manitoban Carries Umbrella with Him All Over Abbotsford


Manitoba man Colin Hiebert stood out like a sore thumb on his recent trip to Abbotsford as he hauled his umbrella all over town, while the hearty locals were more than tolerant of a little rain.

“Gosh, it sure was embarrassing standing outside Brodeur’s waiting for my Uber,” said Hiebert. “Everyone around me getting soaked as if it was the most normal thing in the word and there I was the one dude with a travel-size umbrella.”

Hiebert also attended his first ever dunking at the local MB church on Sunday.

“It seems a bit redundant, doesn’t it?” observed Hiebert. “I mean they’re already going into that tank totally soaked.”

Hiebert plans to slowly ween himself off the umbrella by next summer when he intends to go back to Manitoba and handle those mosquitos like a boss.

(photo credit: Rodrigo Soldon Souza/CC)

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