Upcoming Hurricanes To Be Given Mennonite Names

Whether suffering through blizzards in Canada or roasting in the Paraguayan Chaco, Mennonites are well-known for their love of extreme weather. As a result, the World Meteorological Association is greatly concerned about the number of Mennonites who don’t take warnings about hurricanes, blizzards, and earthquakes seriously enough and has set to remedy the problem by utilizing Mennonite names for next year’s hurricane season. The 2018 list is as follows:

  • Hurricane Abe
  • Hurricane Bertha
  • Hurricane Corny Reimer
  • Hurricane Darryl the Youth Pastor
  • Hurricane Edna
  • Hurricane ‘Fuela’ Friesen
  • Hurricane Grandma Wiebe
  • Hurricane Heinrich
  • Hurricane Irma Voth
  • Hurricane Jauma Lied!
  • Hurricane Kleine Gemeinde
  • Hurricane Lina
  • Hurricane Menno
  • Hurricane Na, Taunte!
  • Hurricane Old Man Doerksen
  • Hurricane Pete Peters
  • Hurricane Quakers Are Not Mennonites
  • Hurricane Rudy Wiebe
  • Hurricane Steve from Work
  • Hurricane Teetotaler
  • Hurricane Unger
  • Hurricane Vinkla
  • Hurricane Waut de Shissjat!
  • Hurricane eX-Hutterite
  • Hurricane Yoder
  • Hurricane Zwieback
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