Stay-at-Home Dad Severely Rebuked By Church Elders


Local Mennonite dad, Heinrich Loeppky, 29, has been reprimanded by the church elder board for staying home with the kids while his wife quickly stopped at the store for a few items.

“There are women’s duties and there are men’s duties. It’s completely unbecoming of a young godly man to take care of his children in any manner whatsoever,” explained Elder W.W. Friesen. “A man has to know his place, and it’s in the barn with the cattle.”

Loeppky is a caring and loving father, but that didn’t stop the elder board from placing him on the list of potential people to shun if he doesn’t smarten up.

“It’s precisely his care and love for his children that we’re trying to curb. That’s a woman’s job,” said Friesen. “This whole world wants to redefine gender roles, but you can’t convince me that a father’s supposed to pick up his child and throw him playfully in the air while his wife is out gallivanting.”

In order to maintain his standing in the church, Loeppky was asked to apologize in front of the congregation.

“I guess I’m supposed to pick up the Old Dutch chips myself,” said Loeppky, “if I don’t want to be accused of being a stay-at-home dad.”

Rather than apologize for being a really great dad, Loeppky has decided to find a church where being a decent human being is seen as acceptable.

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