Mennonite Woman Invites Over Four People but Cooks for Twenty


Mrs. Schellenberg of Winkler decided to invite the Barkmans and Goosens for dinner tonight and since there was going to be a total of six people, she decided to cook a meal for twenty.

“And I don’t mean twenty Englishers. I mean twenty Mennonites,” said Mrs. Schellenberg. “I want to make sure I’ve got enough to feed my hungry guests and about a dozen other people to boot.”

Even though the couples were stuffed after the main course, Mrs. Schellenberg continued to bring out more food and pile it onto everyone’s plate.

“I’ll be devastated if you don’t clean off your plates and ask for more,” said Mrs. Schellenberg. “I’ll consider it a great failure if you’re not going home thirty to forty pounds heavier.”

After weighing themselves having reached a satisfactory weight, the two other couples ambled out of the Schellenberg’s bungalow, barely walking.

“Ach, those Barkmans and Goosens, they eat like mice!” said Schellenberg. “What on earth am I going to do with all these leftovers?”

(photo credit: Steve Bott/CC)

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