Snowfall Finally Convinces Manitobans They Don’t Actually Live in BC


Derek Loeppky of Carman, who had been living it up like a British Columbian for the past several months, was absolutely devastated this weekend to find out he actually lived in Manitoba.

“There I was in early December wearing shorts, suntanning, and smoking BC Bud,” explained Loeppky. “I planted a garden; I started cheering for the Canucks; I was even dining out at Ricky’s. I was doing all the BC things.”

However, Loeppky’s BC lifestyle came to screeching halt on Friday with the massive blizzard that struck the region.

“I’d already sold my Canada Goose parka,” said Loeppky. “I thought I’d be living like a BCer forever now. I guess I was wrong.”

Loeppky says he even stopped yelling “BC Sucks” at Blue Bombers games this fall.

“I was a changed man,” said Loeppky. “But it was all for naught.”

Loeppky says he’s just grateful he was able to quickly sell his bungalow in Carman while he was still getting BC prices.

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