‘Artsy’ Mennonite Director to Release Documentary ‘My Vanapag’


Guy Martens, an independant film-maker from North Kildonan who specializes in making films “da way ve used to in the good old days before sound took over and ruined averyting,” is set to release a documentary about his hometown called My Vanapag.

“Ve’ve been collecting footage up and down Henderson Highway all vinter,” said Martens. “Dan I take it all and yust throw it to the floor to make it look old and grainy like movies are supposed to be yet.”

Apart from the unique film-making style, the black and white film also features little known stories from Winnipeg history.

“I axed all da Mannanites from the MB church there what they remember about Vanapag,” said Martens. “We have a scene where the horse and buggies fall into da Red River and also one where Eatons in the Basement is bulldozed.”

The film is scheduled for screening at the local Cinematheque and also various church basements during crokinole tournaments.

“Vanapag is in my blood. I can’t aver excape it,” said Martens. “Well, except maybe to visit the frintschoft in Vankla, but otherwise no way aver!”

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