Mennonite Seniors Confuse Lobby Cam for OnlyFans


It seems that Smiling Menno Manor in Saskatoon just got their very own OnlyFans channel. Contractors just installed a camera in the lobby, which really had residents excited about the possibilities.

“Just this morning, I watched Mrs. Epp waiting for a ride,” said Mrs. Dueck. “Then I spent the afternoon watching the Wiebes unload their new mattress set. I know if I’m the only one, but I’m certainly a fan.”

The new lobby camera is the most exciting thing to happen at Smiling Menno Manor since the purchase of the new porch swing in 1987.

“It even has some interactive features,” said Mrs. Dueck. “I especially liked the part where Mr. Klassen buzzed in the Amazon delivery guy.”

The lobby cam has really caught on with residents.

“It’s a little too popular if you ask me,” said Mrs. Dueck. “I’m so hooked on this thing, I haven’t left my room in weeks.”

The Smiling Menno Lobby Cam plans to launch a new subscription plan where even outsiders can watch the comings and goings at the manor.

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