Pink Whitney Discovered in Mrs. Loewen’s Thermos


Mrs. Loewen’s co-workers at the credit union in Himmelsdorf this week noted a mysterious pattern of behaviour after lunch that simply demanded an explanation.

“She alway seems much happier after she’s had her lemonade,” said loans officer Mrs. Mierau. “I mean, it was just pink lemonade. I didn’t see what was so mind blowing about it, but Mrs. Loewen’s always a happy camper after a few cups.”

For the past few months, Mrs. Loewen has been emptying a few swigs of lemonade into her thermos cup and no one thought anything of it until she was caught giving a loan to an Englisher this week.

“What had gotten into that woman?” wondered Mrs. Mierau. “Loans to Englishers? Competitive interest rates? That really had me suspicious about the contents of her thermos.”

Soon everyone at the credit union was asking to sample Mrs. Loewen’s lemonade.

“I get what Mrs. Loewen sees in this lemonade,” said Mrs. Mireau. “This it the best day at work since the time Mr. Dueck spiked the Yerba.”

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