Penner Discovered in Reimer Book


Shock waves are spreading throughout the Mennonite community of Steinbach this week as a Penner was discovered in the Reimer book. It’s not known how the Penner got into the Reimer family tree, but investigators are on the case.

“Oba! Never in all my wildest dreams – or should I say, nightmares – did I ever imagine I’d be related to one of them Penners!” exclaimed Mr. Reimer. “Next thing you know I’ll be related to a Friesen yet!”

The Reimer book has been scrutinized for its authenticity, and Mennonite scholars have concluded that, yes, a Penner married into the Reimer family during the 1870s.

“In those days there wasn’t much choice,” said Dr. Thiessen. “Either you marry a Penner or that’s the end of the family tree for you. Those were hard times, let me tell you.”

Dr. Thiessen said we shouldn’t judge people from another time and place for the decisions they had to make.

“You weren’t there, going through what they were going through,” said Dr. Thiessen, “so who are you to say what you might have done in that situation. Who knows, you might have been so desperate that you’d marry a Penner, too.”

The artifact is currently on display in the EMBCMB church lobby, where countless locals have lined up to stare in disbelief at the Penner in the Reimer book.

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