Old Colony Mennonites Confused for Trick-or-Treaters


A group of Old Colony Mennonites were walking around Winkler today and, for some strange reason, people kept handing them Halloween candy.

“One lady complemented me on my costume,” said Corny Wall, visiting from Taber. “And I was like ‘what costume, yet?'”

Apparently the conservative attire of the Mennonites was confused for Halloween gear.

“I thought they were dressed up as pioneers or something,” said Mrs. Berg. “I really had no idea. I assumed they wanted candy.”

Corny Wall said he’s not offended by the confusion.

“This is the first time these suspenders have ever got me a bag full of Reese Peanut Butter Cups,” said Corny. “It was a pretty good haul.”

Corny said his cousins Maria and Anna managed to acquire enough treat size Oh Henry’s to last a lifetime.

“Everyone thought I was dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder,” explained Maria. “What’s wrong with these Winkler people? They truly have lost touch with their Mennonite roots.”

(photo credit: spablab/CC)

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