Mennonites to Turn Back the Clock One Century Tonight


Due to Daylight Savings Time, Mennonites throughout North America will be turning back the clock an entire century tonight at 2 am.

“I’m glad to see that people want to go back in time,” said Mennonite elder Jakob Dueck of Vollwerk, “but one hour is not enough. We’re going back to 1916.”

After more than a hundred years where their traditions have been gradually eroded, Daylight Savings Time offers Mennonites a chance to return to their practice of living in another century.

“We’re really excited about going back to the horse-and-buggy,” said Dueck. “Plus I just love those wide-brimmed black hats. Bring it on!”

However, beyond the quaint lifestyle and old-fashioned clothes, the biggest thing most Mennonites were anticipating is finally getting an extra century of sleep.

(Photo credit: by Ody5iu5 )

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