New ‘Plandemic’ Doc is the Comedy Smash Hit of the Season


It’s the number one comedy blockbuster of the spring: Plandemic! Starring the hilarious new comedy talent Judy Mikovits, who rivals Tina Fey and Melissa McCarthy in her rolling-on-the-floor laugh-out-loud hilarity.

“I haven’t laughed that hard since Deadpool 2,” said local woman Mrs. Enns. “I mean, it’s only 26 minutes long but there’s a laugh every few seconds. That movie had me in stitches!”

While most viewers munched their popcorn and kicked back their feet to enjoy a few laughs, a surprising few actually took the documentary seriously.

“Wait a minute, so this video I got in a message someone sent me on Instagram isn’t a fact-checked reliable source of information?” said Mr. Janzen. “How can that be? As a frequent reader of the Daily Bonnet, I know that everything I see on the Internet should be unquestioningly accepted at face value.”

Still, for most people who find themselves lucky enough to have clicked on the video, they are sure in for a real comedic treat.

“I’m just hoping there’s a sequel. Maybe Judy Mikovits can play a chemtrails nut next time,” said Mrs. Enns. “Or how about a trilogy? I’m sure Judy Mikovits would do a bang up job as one of those people who blames everything on 5G. Hilarious!”

Judy Mikovits is already getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, though she’s requiring all her most devout fans to wear tin foil hats at the ceremony. 

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