Mennonite Boy Takes Girl to Church on First Date


Nervous Peter, 18, finally worked up the courage to ask out Melissa who sits three seats in front of him in Mr. Epp’s period 3 Math class at WC Miller Collegiate. To his surprise, Melissa said yes, and the new couple quickly worked out the details.

“So I’ll pick you up at 4:30 just after faspa and we’ll head on over to the AMEMBC for the evening…” began Peter.

“Wait, hold on a second?” interjected Melissa. “You’re taking me to church on our first date?”

Peter confirmed the plan, explaining that it was a longstanding Broesky tradition.

“My parents spent nine of their first ten dates at various church functions,” said Peter. “And the other one was a community youth hymn sing.”

Melissa was not too impressed, but agreed to go with Peter to church.

“I just hope they’ll accept me over there,” said Melissa. “I hear they’re dunkers.”

Melissa said she kind of likes Peter but wishes he would at least take her out to Pizza Haven after the service.

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