Friesens Report the Reimers for Having an Illegal Gathering


The police were present at the Reimer house to hand out dozens of fines after the Friesens ratted out the Reimers for eating paska without masks and being within six feet of an unwrapped bowl of plumi moos.

“Diewel, those Friesens, always looking into our backyard and counting how many of us are present,” said Mr. Reimer in cuffs. “I think they’re just bitter after the time we reported them to the church elders for owning a VCR.”

Mr. Friesen, however, considers his act heroic.

“As soon as I heard them singing the Doxology I could tell right away there were more than ten of them in that backyard,” said Mr. Friesen. “Plus, you should have seen how many ice cream pails of molasses cookies they were hauling in there. Something was amiss.”

In their defence the Reimers have said each one of the can eat a full bucket of molasses cookies themselves and that the large quantity of pails was no proof they were violating the law.

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