North Kildonan Gets its Own Area Code


Manitoba is about to get its third area code. Starting next month, all residents of the Mennonite enclave of North Kildonan will be given the area code 606, “just to make it easier for them the memorize.”

“Want to call Mrs. Helen Reimer? Just dial 606-131-1496,” explained Manitoba Telephone Coordinator Mrs. Brandt. “Want to get Mr. Henry Plett on the line? Just dial 606-614-1874.”

Mrs. Brandt is super excited about the change, though she’s a little sad to be giving up the old 204.

“My memory’s a bit foggy, but I recall when all it took to call the frintschoft in Schteinback, was dial a 6 or ask the operator for Davis or something,” said Brandt. “Not sure why they chose Davis, though. Should have been Dueck.”

North Kildonan residents will be dialling 606 starting April 1, though those with the new hymn book will be asked to dial 70.

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