Nah Yo-dle is Real and its Spectacular!

Move over Wordle – there’s a new Mennonite game in town. Nah Yo-dle has taken the Mennonite Internet by storm. We stopped by at the EMC Squared Church lobby in Schteinback to get the word on the street. Here are a few reactions once yet.

“Nah Yo-dle has torn my marriage apart. We used to be so close and now I can’t get Martha to stop,” – Abe Martens, 71

“Mennonite Wordle, you say? Ach, it doesn’t give such!” – Henry Siemens, 71

“Nah Yo-dle? Oba, the only game I play is Dutch Blitz … or Uno when I don’t have the energy for hand-slapping,” – Agnes Bergmann, 93

“I tried it out, but all my words didn’t fit. Schissjat? Schinda? Schwiena’rie?” – Martha Martens, 69

“You can rest assured, I’ll be preaching a sermon against this next Sunday,” – Pastor Dan, 41


Try Nah Yo-dle right now. It’s real. No seriously. Click here and see for yourself if you don’t believe me. 

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