New Vertical Money Confuses Mennonite Man


Mr. Wiens of Niverville has recently started a campaign to get the new ten dollar bills “put back the right way” after, for the life of him, he just couldn’t figure out how to get it into his wallet.

“Vertical wallets? It doesn’t give such,” said Mr. Wiens. “How on earth do they ax-pect us to put this money in there once?”

Mr. Wiens pressed and prodded and give it a good schupps, but there was just no way to get that tenner in there.

“I guess that’s just their way of getting us to spend it real quick,” said Mr. Wiens. “But they weren’t thinking of the Mennonites when they made these things! It may not fit in my wallet, but it will fit in Martha’s margarine containers for sure!”

Mr. Wiens has started a petition to get the money changed back again. His petition entitled ‘Oba, that Money is Daumlijch Yet’ is currently making the rounds at church faspas over the next few months.

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